Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Abram's Preschool Graduation

We just recently celebrated Abram's graduation from preschool. We have a kindergartener. I can't believe it! As a former teacher who planned lots of graduations, I never understood why moms cried at the end of the year, but here I was sitting in the audience, watching Abram, and sobbing. I have become one of those moms.  Just something about him going to kindergarten. He doesn't seem little any more. In the fall he will attend a public elementary school. The thought is scary to me. We have to leave our Christian preschool bubble and I am covering this sweet boy in prayer.

I wanted to blog about this special day because I want to read this one day and remember God's faithfulness and just another reminder that God's hand is on Abram and guiding his way.  God sent us to this sweet preschool and He knew it was just what Abram needed. We had two years of amazing teachers that not only taught Abram academically but more importantly spiritually. They spoke truth into him every day and taught him how much Jesus loves him.  His teachers loved him so very much. They took time to get to know him and understand him. Abram struggles with good-byes. He gets very scared and fearful. He needs things to be the same every day and he needs lots of reassurances.  His teachers understand this.  They never got upset with him, or tried to give me "suggestions," they just gave him what he needed. Whether that was an extra hug from mom or to be the helper in the morning to distract him.  We had an amazing two years and we are truly sad to leave. 

But we must, so here are some pictures celebrating the day.  

His teacher had this on the board during their last week. All the moms just sobbed as we read it. 

His sign in board on his last day. I love how he writes his name. Precious! 

Preparing for the graduation. He was so excited to wear his maile lei.

Abram go to say a few lines at the ceremony. He did an amazing job!

Receiving his diploma from his teacher, Ms. Rosemary, and teacher's aide, Ms. Christiana., and Ms. Jayme, the director, in the background.

I pushed Abram EVERY MORNING on the swings. The boy LOVES to swing. He can't get enough of it.  We had to take a picture on his last day. Look at that smile!

And playing with his brothers on the playground. Abe loved that Jack and Luke got to play with him (usually they are in the stroller). They loved it too!

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