Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Abrams 4th Birthday

This year we celebrated Abram's fourth birthday.  We make a big deal out of birthdays in our home, as a matter of fact, it lasts a whole week. :) We decorate the week before and we try to do something special each day which might include a gift, ice cream after dinner or going some where fun.  

This year we had Abram's party at a Lego Store. Chris and Abe love this place so it was an easy decision when we heard they do parties. Not only do they host the party, but they do the decorations,  party favors and entertainment. Perfect! All we had to do was bring whatever food we wanted to serve.  Abram's friends from school came and a few from church. We had a great morning of playing with legos, playing games and celebrating Abram. 

He loved seeing his name out of Legos and I love this picture!

Lego cupcakes and I had to make Lego soap. :) It might have been my favorite thing at the party. 

Food table... Abram's favorite snacks: Pirate's booty and jello!

Building with Legos before his friends arrived

Doing his best to hold the lego under his chin

Playing Lego bingo

The boy loves cupcakes, candles and being sung to!

Love this Lego cake they made for him!

Finally his official birthday had arrived! He was thrilled. We had been counting down the days with a paper chain and he couldn't hardly wait! When he woke up his room was filled with balloons. He is still asking where the balloons came from. So cute!

We have a birthday binder where we can collect his party invitations and birthday cards. Every year we "interview" Abram and ask him a series of questions, Chris and I each write our top five favorite things about Abram from that year and he fills out a birthday menu.  This is what Abram chose to eat on his day:

Breakfast: Green eggs, ham, waffles and smoothie
Lunch: Old Spaghetti Factory and sit in the train
Dinner: Captain America soup
Snacks: Fruit Chews
Drinks: Yellow Juice (what Abram calls orange juice)
Dessert: Cupcakes

Birthday breakfast

Birthday Lunch, inside the train!

We also went swimming at the Hale Koa hotel-- His absolute favorite place to go.  I think he had a great day. We had such a fun day celebrating him!

Then on Monday, his class celebrated at school. I brought chocolate chip M&M cookies (I remember what a mess cupcakes were when I taught, so I thought I would make it easy. Plus little kids only lick the icing off anyway). Abe loved his crown and his little friends loved singing to him!

Every Friday his school has chapel and when they sing to the kids who had a birthday that week.  He loved that, but my favorite part was the Bible story.  This week his school was studying King David and how God chose David because "he was a man after God's own heart." Because it was Abe's birthday, they chose Abe to be King David.  I was in tears while watching him act this story out.  From the beginning, that has been our exact prayer for Abram. While I was watching him,  it was as if God was saying to me, "trust Me, I've got him." 

What a great ending to a super fun birthday week!