Monday, May 16, 2011

Kimono Experience

On Sunday, I had the most wonderful Japanese experience. I traveled with some friends to a town called, Akizuki.  I have heard wonderful things about this trip since I arrived in Sasebo, so I was thrilled that I was finally getting to go!  We went into the room where all the kimonos were and we picked out our kimono.  They had so many to choose from!  I immediately headed towards the red ones, and then proceeded to make my selection.  Once I picked the one I wanted, the sweet Japanese ladies selected an obi for me.  Then I was taken upstairs to be "dressed."  (Chris laughs at these pictures because of the height difference between me and the sweet lady dressing me.)

My friends making their kimono selection.

The many kimonos we had to choose from.

Getting dressed

Heading out, with my friend Amy, into the town after we got dressed.

First, we had tea and a snack.

The tea room was beautiful... so of course we had to take pictures.  Here I am with Karla, Donna, and Daniela. I am in a  Ladies Bible Study with these sweet women.

Posing with my friends, Annie and Amy, in the Japanese gardens.

And again with Lauren and Amy.

These men were so great to stop and take a picture with us!

Then, we had a photo shoot.  Thanks, friends, for taking such great pictures!

I loved how the obi was tied.

I just loved this little boy... as soon as he saw me take out my camera, he started to pose for me!


Okay, so Japan is famous for their vending machines. Normally they have drinks and coffee in them. But this was a first, an EGG vending machine. Just put in your money and take out a carton of eggs!

And no trip is complete until you see a man walking his pet raccoon!