Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Trips to San Francisco

Since San Francisco is only two hours away and because we had two holiday weekends (MLK and Presidents Day) we decided to take advantage of the long weekend and get out of town for a few days. Abe is such a great traveler and he sleeps anywhere, so its nice to be able to pick up and go. :)

Martin Luther King Day and Chris' birthday is always on the same weekend, so we always try to celebrate out of town if we can.  We stayed at the Marine Memorial Hotel which is in the center of downtown and has great rates for military members.  We arrived in San Fran on  Friday night then after enjoying a nice breakfast (Abe's favorite meal) at the hotel we drove to Sonoma.  The drive was beautiful and it gave us a reason to cross the famous bridge (Chris made me record our journey across).  Sonoma is also home to "Train Town." We knew we couldn't miss this... Abe loves ALL things trains. He was in heaven! Plus it had some rides for him to ride with his daddy!
At the entrance of Train Town

Riding the train around the park

I love this family picture of the three of us.

Unsure of these rides, but at the end he was giddy!!

Abe's first roller coaster... he did great!!

Giving a "thumbs up" with daddy

Now he is enjoying it!

Love his precious smile!
The next morning we loaded up and rode the trolley to Fisherman's Wharf.  Abe loved the trolley ride  and the driver even let him ring the bell as we got off.  We were in San Fran the day of the big game (49ers vs. Seahawks) so of course the boys were in their jerseys.  I was nervous for their safety, but just a few comments were made. :)

We rode the trolley down to the wharf to see (and hear) the sea lions.  

Chris and I quickly noticed that our travel habits change now that we are traveling with a toddler. Instead of finding the best place to eat in town and sightseeing, we eat at a loud, fast and kid friendly place then search out the parks that are open at night... :) 

Enjoying a night time ride on the slide.

Then, just this past weekend we went to San Fran again for Chinese New Year! We couldn't wait! We read books to Abe all week about the festivities and got his Chinese silk outfit all ready.  Chris found a hotel that was super close to the parade and we had really good seats.  Surprisingly, Abe lasted the whole time.  It was a fun parade and everyone would wave at Abe when they saw him in his festive clothing!

Not to sure what to think of the lions and dragons... just as long as they kept their distance.

I thought the kids were adorable!

The dragons were so long and there were so many!

Abe's favorite part of the parade was when the police motor cycles and fire trucks came down the street. This is a picture of the fireman waving to Abe. He was thrilled and couldn't stop waving!!

We have had some great road trips lately!  Hope you enjoyed our pictures.