Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sweet Brothers

My phone has been filling up lately with these sweet pictures of Abram, Jack and Luke spending their days together. As the twins get older it is so fun to watch them interact and Abram enjoys playing with them so much more. I am so blessed to be able to spend my days with these funny, sweet, curious, always learning boys.  

First time with play dough

Abram voluntarily pulling his brothers. Melts my heart.

Of course this started as a water table, and quickly turned into a mud table. Mud was obviously more fun.

Playing with their Christmas presents one morning. They were giggling non stop.

Having our lunch outside! So cute in their little table.

Early morning reading. We spend a lot of time at our table in the mornings. 

Digging together 

This is their favorite!

First time in the car cart at the commissary. We love shaking macaroni and cheese boxes!

Talking to each other through the windows. They thought this was too funny.

Okay, there is a story here... On Sundays Chris and I help in the nursery. Luke and Jack know they have to wait for all the toys to be cleaned (with wipes) before they can play.  One afternoon, I noticed they got into the wipes. When I went to look for them, I found them in the living room cleaning their toys!! 

Abram loves to take over and watch them. Such a helper!

Another favorite... peek a boo!!

Love their smiles!

This is how we end most evenings. All FOUR boys wrestling on the carpet. Hilarious! 

Playing at mall on a rainy day!

Abram loves to sit with them in their stroller. They aren't too thrilled. 

He's such a sweet and caring big brother!

Our favorite thing to do!! Go swimming!

Abram was being so great and showing the boys all the animals in the water while making sure they were being safe. 

Enjoying a smoothie

Our picnic lunch outside of Whole Foods. Its just easier to take their shirts off!

Reading on the bench! This is my favorite!

Such sharers! 

First time with shaving cream. Luke wanted down immediately, but Jack loved it!

Abram reading Bible stories to Jack. Just love!

Reading in the kitchen while Mama cooks dinner. Cracks me up!

The day we have been dreading... they climbed out of their cribs this morning. Jack got into Luke's crib and Luke was emptying the box of diapers in the corner. 

Friday, March 10, 2017


One of our favorite things to do during the winter months in Hawaii is watch the caterpillars turn into butterflies. It is an AMAZING process and our whole family gets involved! We love to watch them in our yard and we also like to put a few caterpillars in a container and watch the process close up. We have a milkweed tree in our yard and around the end of November the leaves are covered in caterpillars! They are so tiny. About the size of your pinky nail. 

They quickly grow bigger just by eating the leaves.  

Then, just like that, they stick to the bottom of a leave and make a "J" shape.  

The next day the "J" has turned into a chrysalis. Amazing! Can you spot it hanging from the leaf?

After about 10 days, you can start to see through the chrysalis and the butterfly wings are very visible! 

The butterfly waits until evening or until no one is around and he comes out. We give the butterfly a few hours so his wings can dry off, and then this is our favorite part... He loves to climb around on us. On our fingers, shirts, hair. Its crazy! Then we let him go free!!

We just love to watch it. I had to get pictures and document this year because this is our last winter in Hawaii.  We will miss our little friends!