Friday, September 6, 2013

An Answer to our Prayers

Before we were matched with Abram, Chris and I would pray that wherever our child was that he was being taken care of and loved.  Well, we have received two letters from Abram's foster mom as a confirmation of our prayers.  One letter was in his backpack when we met Abe on Gotcha Day and we received the second one this week as an email.  It touches our heart to know that not only was his needs were being met, but that he was loved.

This is the letter that was in his backpack...

It says, 
"Dear An Ning Yuan's Parents:
When I know that An Ning Yuan will depart from Angel House on July 21th on [one] hand I feel happy for him because he has a family and parents loving him, the other hand I'm sad because maybe we can't see each other from then on. He can speak "Hai Yu" or "a yi" but due do the cleft lip and palate, he can't speak clearly. Now he had already finished the operation of the cleft lip.  He would like to play by himself, most of the time. He like to play water. He likes better man than women. After he goes back to America we wish we can keep in touch with you. I expect that we can see each other after 16 years later or earlier. "

What a special gift for us to be able to give Abe when he starts to ask questions about his adoption.  We love that we have this letter.  We were happy with this, until last week we received another letter and some pictures.  Here's the email and pictures we received...

“Yuanyuan, I miss your smile and flavor. The day you went away, I wanted to see you off, but I didn't have the courage. I was afraid I really didn't want you to leave, and I wished that I gave you the last impression: smile. I just remember how to put you in my heart, but I forget how to put you down. You will disappear for a long time from my life. In the future you maybe change a name and appearance, and I look forward to seeing your appearance of growing up. I don’t know whether my wishes will come true, but I never give up this hope. I have seen the photos of your mother adoptive parents, and the worker who went to Zheng Zhou with you said that your mother cried when she saw you, and you play with them soon. You didn’t cry, I know you have found happiness, so I’m not worry about you. Some people loved you before, and someone still loves you in the future so you are a happy boy”.

These pictures are precious to us! We love to see pictures of Abe when he was younger. The one that brought tears to my eyes was the one with the birthday cake.  I love that they celebrated his first birthday, I love that he had a cake and a crown, and I LOVE his happy smile!  We showed these pictures to Abe and he just looked at them quietly and then pointed to himself.  Such a sweet moment. 

We are so very grateful that God not only answered our prayers, but also allowed us to know that Abram was indeed loved for the first 20 months of his life!