Saturday, May 14, 2016

Two by Two... The First Birthday Party

I was super excited to plan Luke and Jack's First birthday party. Of course it had to have a theme and Noah's Ark seemed to be appropriate since they also came by two's! Even though we were traveling on their actual birthdate and they were almost 13 months at their party, we hope this made up for it! Here's a few of the party details...

The cake! It was amazing! Everyone thought it was ceramic. It was beautiful and exactly what I had in mind when I met with the cake decorator! We hated cutting into it, but it was so yummy! 

The main party area was outside. We had two food tables, one for the adults and one for the kids.  

Their photo collage was so fun to make. Chris did an amazing job and it was fun to look back at all their pictures throughout the year. As we were decorating everything Abe went outside and I caught him standing at photo collage and laughing at some of the pictures. So cute!

Of course the teacher side of me had to have crafts and kids activities. There was a water table with animal squirt toys, play doh with animal cookie cutters, Noah's Ark cut outs with animal stickers and streamers and cotton balls to make a rainbow. We called them "Cruise Activities." 

Once again, Chris did a great job painting signs for our front patio and the kids masks were at the front door to welcome them. 

Luke and Jack were sleeping for the first part of the party. They are true party animals. But when they woke up we sat them in their high chair to sing and eat cupcakes. They weren't too sure of the cupcakes at first but once they had a lick of the icing they kept going back for more! 

We had such a fun time celebrating and enjoying the afternoon with our friends.  We are so blessed to have so many friends in our life who love our sweet boys. 

Of course my favorite detail at the party was the Noah's Ark photo booth Chris painted for me. I had to get a picture of all three boys with their heads through the port hole!

Can't believe a year has already passed since our sweet boys were born.  It has been wonderful, crazy, and fun all at the same time!  God has truly blessed us!