Sunday, April 23, 2017


We love holidays in our house and Easter is no exception! Abe gets so excited when I get out the box of Easter decorations because he knows the festivities are about to begin. This year we started a new tradition (which I'm sure we will continue every year). We had a glow in the dark egg hunt. Our yard looked so cool! We just put a battery operated votive candle inside the plastic eggs and there you go! Abe even hid them for me and Chris. He's a great hider! 

Of course, no Easter is complete without dying eggs. I was going to wait until the boys went to bed, but I decided to let them be involved. I braced myself for a mess, but they did so well! They loved putting the eggs in the colored water and taking them out to see what color it was. So glad we involved them. And there wasn't a mess at all! 

These egg whisks are amazing that my mom sent. They helped to hold the egg and kept our hands from getting colored. 

Our second new tradition was Resurrection Rolls. These were amazing! We dipped a marshmallow (which is supposed to signify Jesus' body) into water (the oils) and cinnamon and sugar (represents the spices) and then rolled the marshmallow in a crescent roll. After they cooked, the marshmallow disappears (melts) and the inside of the roll really looks like an empty tomb. Such a neat visual and they were yummy!

On Easter morning I gave Abe lots of clues to find his Easter basket. He loved his little scavenger hunt. 

This year we hosted our community group and friends at our house for an Easter party and egg hunt.  Once the rain stopped we had a great (dry) time celebrating. The kids had a blast looking for eggs! 

I have to show off some of our Easter decorations. I made this jelly bean tree just using branches from our back yard. I thought it looked super cute! Also, Abe and I spent about two weeks (every day during nap time) painting eggs for our banner. I loved the fun colors and all the different designs. Also, I made these treats for Abe's preschool class. Super easy, and cute! They are little chicks on a cup of pineapples. A little Aloha mixed with Easter. 

We missed our Papa this year on Easter (he is in Japan) but we had a great weekend celebrating our Savior's resurrection with our family and friends. We hope you had a great Easter, too!

Oh, and I wanted to share a new Easter book we got Abe this year. It's called "The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross." Amazing! The story weaves everything together in such a simple way to understand.  Just shows how much God loves us! 

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Jack and Luke's Second Birthday

Chris and I decided several years ago (before we had kids) that we would have a year of birthday parties and then take a year off. This is our off year. We of course still celebrate birthdays, but it is on a much smaller scale and we focus on spending time as a family.  

April 7 was Jack and Luke's second birthday. I know, we can't believe it either! Its crazy to know that we moved here when they were 3 weeks old and now they are two and we are getting ready to move again. Our little Hawaii babies! 

Of course no celebration is complete without decorations. Abram was so excited for the boys to go to bed on Thursday night so we could set out the decorations and presents.  So sweet! And of course, we must use our celebration plates all day long!

The boys enjoying their gifts. My mom gave them the bee wheely bug for Christmas and now we have the matching ladybug so everyone can ride! So fun to watch them scoot around and laugh together. We got them a waterfall wall, but all they wanted to do was sit in the water buckets. Oh well! 

That night we had their cake after dinner. Luke was not a fan of the birthday hat (we quickly took it off after this picture) but they sure loved their cake! Abram knows they like the show "Splash and Bubbles" (about fish) so he decorated their cake with ocean animals. I love that he was so involved with their birthday plans. He has such a big heart!

We had planned on spending Saturday at the zoo since the boys love animals right now, but instead we all had the stomach flu. :(  So, instead when we were all feeling better on Sunday evening we toured the fire station. All three boys loved it just as much! 

Happy, Happy Birthday to our sweet boys! You add so much fun and excitement to our family. We love you both!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring Break with Cade

This spring break we had a special treat... My 16-year old (oh my goodness) nephew, Cade, came to see us.  The boys were in heaven ALL WEEK long.  They had an extra boy to play with, wrestle with, swim with and get dirty with.  Chris and I loved it because we were no longer out numbered. Each one of us took a kid. It was great!  

All Cade wanted to do when he got here is that we go to beaches. So, that's what we did! We sure kept him busy. :) 

Beach #1-- Hickam Beach

Our first adventure was a waterfall hike. This was a first time for all of us and it was great. It was an easy enough hike to do with Abram and carry the babies but still fun. And the waterfall at the end was amazing! Also, there was a swimming hole that the big boys swam in when we were done with the hike.

Hamana Falls, Kaneohe

The swimming hole!

Love this selfie that Cade took of him and Abe

Beach #2-- Kailua Beach

Beach #3-- Secrets Beach on the marine beach. Amazing snorkeling! Cade and Chris swam with some sea turtles. 

And back to Kailua Beach with all the boys this time .

Jack and Cade having fun!
Before Cade got here, Abram made a list of things he wanted to do with Cade. These things included: walking to Taco Bell for lunch, snorkeling, mini golf, kayaking, and swimming at the Hale Koa pool. So thats what we did Sunday after church.  Abram loved showing Cade how well he could swim. We had a blast! And yes, by the end of the week, everything was checked off Abram's list. :)

And on Tuesday afternoon we checked another thing off Abe's list... kayaking in Kaneohe Bay. Cade loved all the mountains and he swears he saw a baby shark swim under them.  Who knows??? 

On Wednesday, Abe missed school and we all journeyed out to the North Shore. Our first stop was at the Pineapple Plantation.  Cade and Abe did the maze (first time for both) while Chris and I took the twins on the train. 

All the boys enjoying some Dole Whip. Yum!!

After they completed the maze. 
Then we went to Turtle Beach. We love this beach because you are always guaranteed to see turtles. And lots of them! I think in this picture, there are three on the beach behind them.

Of course our favorite times were spent just hanging out with our cousin. Poor Cade always had a child with him. I don't think he got any alone time all week long. He was always willing to play legos with Abe or hug on Luke or Jack. We certainly miss him but this week with him was priceless!!