Friday, November 14, 2014

Our Exciting News (times two)!

Chris and I realized a while ago that after five years of not getting pregnant that we would probably never be and we were good with that.  We were excited about growing our family through adoption. In fact, we were in the process of our second adoption when we found out this exciting news one Monday morning...

Needless to say we were shocked and speechless!  On September 29 we went to the doctor to confirm we were pregnant and then on October 8 we went for our first sonogram and were speechless again when the doctor told us we were having twins!! Oh my word!!

After about two weeks the shock had finally worn off (a little) and we were ready to announce to the world (via Facebook) that we were expecting twins.

Here's some details... the twins are due on May 8. Chris is expected to report to Hawaii in April for his next duty station.  Abe and I will probably move early (February or March) and Chris will join us when he finishes up in Monterey.  Also,  we are having identical twins and they are both boys! Here is a picture of our little football team...

We are excited, anxious, surprised, overwhelmed and a little nervous. Once again we covet your prayers for the health of our little boys, and for Abram's sweet little heart (once again) as his world is about to change and as we prepare to move.

Many of you have asked about our registry (y'all are too kind). We are registered at Amazon and Target. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Abram's Third Birthday

I know this post is almost a month late, but better late than never, right??

Chris and I decided a while ago that we would do a big birthday party every other year for our children. Last  year Abram had a big party, so this year we spent the day doing his favorite things  as a family. Also, Abram had just had his lip revision surgery so we wanted to keep it low key so his lip could continue to heal.

We had such a fun day. We started the morning off with Cake Batter Pancakes. They were delicious and Abe loved blowing out his candles. It was so fun this year because he actually understood that today was his birthday, that he was no longer "2," but "3!" It was so fun to see his excitement.

After breakfast we set out for our first family adventure.  Whenever we go walking on the bike trail Abe always points out the bicycles you can rent.  We thought today would be a fun day to rent one just for him. He had a blast and loved blowing the horn! 

When we came home from our bike ride we ate lunch and then sang "Happy Birthday" again before eating his birthday cupcakes. Abe not only helped to make these cupcakes, but he picked out the batter, icing and sprinkles.  He couldn't wait to eat one! 

Then after nap time we were off to our second surprise... The Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  It is such a fun place with great rides.  We started off with the kid rides but then Chris decided since he was "3" he was big enough for the "big boy rides." Abe's eyes lit up and they had such a fun time!! I couldn't believe Abe wasn't scared! He just kept saying "more, more!"

We can't believe our little boy is 3! This year has flown by, but it has been such an incredible one with our sweet Abram. We love you, buddy!!