Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Craziness of the Next Few Months!!

I can't believe we are half way through February and that the twins will be here in April! Crazy! It has been such a busy time full of planning (trying to), cleaning and preparing.

Chris is right in the midst of completing his thesis, we are trying to clean out our house and get organized because we pack out at the end of March (oh my goodness) and Abram is enjoying preschool three times a week!  Just this past weekend my amazing friends gave me the best baby shower to welcome our boys.  I was definitely showered with gifts, prayers and kind words! Our friends in Monterey have been such a blessing to us!

This is what we think our schedule is going to look like for the next few months...
My sister is coming in the middle of March to be here for three weeks to help take care of Abram. She knows by then I will be exhausted and Abram is looking forward to some Aunt Julie time! 

The packers come at the end of March to ship our stuff to Hawaii. Yikes!! And also, Chris graduates from NPS on March 27th. So very proud of him!

My mom is coming the entire month of April.  She's just the best!  Of course she doesn't want to miss the twins being born and it feels wonderful to know that Abram will be in such good hands. 

We are thinking the twins will be born at the beginning or middle of April. 

Then Chris leaves on April 27 to go to Hawaii for training and get everything ready for us because me, my mom, Abram and the twins will be arriving on May 1!! I can't believe its all happening at the same time and that it is time for us to leave Monterey already.  We are definitely looking forward to being back in Hawaii but we have come to love it here in Monterey! God has greatly blessed us!

A huge answer to prayer is that my cousin's mother-in-law has a furnished condo (with a minivan) that we will be staying in until we find a permanent place to live.  God is truly taking care of ALL the details!  

Also, I had to include a current picture of my boys... here I am with Abram and the twins are 27 weeks!! Just 10 weeks left (hopefully)!! Thank you for continuing to lift us up in your prayers... we can definitely feel them!

Christmas in Louisiana... even if it is almost 2 months late!

I know, I know we are half way through February and I am just now getting our Christmas blog out! Can I claim the "we have a lot going on right now" argument? :)

As I was looking through the pictures to post I am reminded of what a wonderful Christmas season we had! It was jam packed full of traditions, fun events and family! 

Our season started off by cutting down our Christmas tree. It is so fun as Abram is getting older to see his excitement and understanding of what we are doing.  He gets so happy when when we get in the car and tell him where we are going. He just can't contain himself! 

Papa and Abram with our tree!!

Standing infront of the biggest tree on the lot... it was huge!

Abe loves to find these cut outs... now that he knows what we are doing, he wants to put his face in all of them!

Running through the trees to find our perfect tree.

Loading up our tree to take home!

A super fun event that our town does every year is to fly Santa in by helicopter.  It was a beautiful day, but I must admit Abram was more excited to see the helicopter than Santa (which is okay with me)!

Santa and Mrs. Claus getting off the helicopter.

Also, we attended an event called "Streets of Bethlehem." The members of the church and community were apart of a live nativity seen and acted out the events leading up to Jesus' birth. Abram could hardly wait to see "Baby Jesus." It was so sweet!

Then we flew to Louisiana for Christmas! It is always fun to see my niece and nephew (Cade and Ella) with Abram. They have a blast together!

Decorating our traditional Christmas cookies!

My mom's mantle at her house... I love that she gave the twins two little stockings! :)

With our sweet friend, Elizabeth, at our church's candlelight service.  We love her!!

Abram and his cousin Ella relaxing on Gram's couch! 

... and eating on Gram's couch. Abram had to be sure panda was in the picture and he wanted to wear glasses because Ella has glasses! 

Walking through the Christmas lights at the American Rose Center.

Of course a cousins picture with the snowmen!

They just love each other! 

The highlight of our trip was our time at Great Wolf Lodge.  My parents treated the grandkids to an overnight stay at this amazing hotel in Dallas that has the best waterpark inside. Perfect to do when it is freezing outside and it was all decorated for Christmas! Now Abe thinks that every hotel we stay in will have a water park. :( But we all had an amazing time!

I just love these two!! They have my heart!

At night the "snow" would fall inside the hotel. Abe couldn't believe it!

With Abe in the wave pool. He did great! He kept calling himself a "scuba diver." 

He was worn out!!

We had such a wonderful time! Thank you Gram and Granddaddy for this amazing gift!

I had to include this picture.... Julie and I laughed so hard when we realized (at the pool) that we had the same swimsuits! I guess sisters really do think alike! :)

We had an amazing Christmas season! Crazy to think that next Christmas we will have two more baby boys joining us!!