Monday, April 16, 2018

Jack and Luke turn THREE!!

Our little surprises turned three on April 7th... unbelievable! These three years have flown by! This birthday was so fun because they knew it was coming up and they were looking forward to their celebrations. 

They are getting so big! 

Abram had classmates in Hawaii who were twins. One year we went to their birthday party and I noticed their mom let them choose and do everything different. I loved that idea.  I thought it made their birthday so very special for them. I took Jack and Luke shopping before their birthday and they each picked out their own wrapping paper, plates, candles and I even let Jack choose the frosting and Luke choose the cake for their birthday cake. 

Jack chose Paw Patrol and Luke chose Ninja Turtles... so very different!

Tearing into their presents!

We take a picture by our birthday flag every year. 

Breakfast donuts!

We took turns singing to each one... they loved it! And they each had their own special candle!

Showing off the plates they chose. I love Jack's face!!

Our silly picture. This cracked the boys up!

Since the boys didn't have a party this year, we wanted to do something special... Chris made them a digging pit in our backyard. And their gifts were trucks and shovels and a wheel barrow. They could stay here all day! Its so fun!

Happy Third Birthday, Jack and Luke! We are so very overwhelmed that God decided to bless our family with you two! You give us joy, laughter and smiles every day! 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Traditions, Family, and a Baptism... Our Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter season.  Full of traditions, family and one very special baptism!

First, our Gram came to visit us during Abram's spring break. The boys love being with her. They play all day and everyone has so much fun!! We are already looking forward to her next visit.

Every year, my sister and I take a sisters trip. Just us. Our husbands are so wonderful to send us and watch our kiddos! This year we went to Charleston, South Carolina. It was amazing! Our goal every year is to eat, sleep, and do some shopping. We did just that. Our friends recommended some amazing places to eat and we slept in every morning.  We had a wonderful time!

The twins are at such a fun age where we can do crafts and activities at home and they can enjoy them without making a crazy mess!

Painting with plastic eggs

Hidden Magnets

Floating Eggs

One fun thing we did before Easter was go to Sweet Pete's Candy.  This yummy place always has fun events but it never works with our schedule... this time it did! The boys heard a story from Mother Goose, decorated chocolate covered marshmallows and made a bunny puppet.

Jack and Luke don't really like people in costume, as you can tell from Luke's screaming and Jack trying to run away!

They were much more excited to take their picture with the bunny riding a bicycle!

Making bunny puppets...

Listening to a story...

Decorating marshmallows.

On Saturday morning we went to Riverside Children's Art Center (where Abram takes violin lessons) for an egg hunt and crafts. We love it here! They do wonderful activities for children and this definitely didn't disappoint.

Abram showing off his goodies!

I love this picture of the sweet boys.

So Jack only collects eggs that match... this time he went after the orange ones!

Some of our favorite things to do at Easter are to color eggs, have a Glow-in-the-dark egg hunt, and open a resurrection egg each evening. Abram loves these eggs. Each Egg contains something from the story of Jesus' death and resurrection.  Our traditions were much more exciting this year because Jack and Luke were able to enjoy them and participate in them with us!

Abram explaining the resurrection eggs to the twins.

Coloring eggs

After our night time hunt! In pajamas, of course! 

This year the clues led the boys to the front door to find their baskets! They were thrilled!

The best thing that happened this Easter season was Abram's baptism. He accepted Christ last Easter and this Easter he wanted to get baptized. It was super special because Chris got to do it! Such an unforgettable Easter!

Our family picture after Abram got baptized. 

Here are some sweet pictures from the morning. My favorite one is with our whole church family and Abram's huge smile.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Our Winter Happenings

Our winter has been full of cold weather, trips, and some firsts for us...

This winter was unseasonably cold and these Hawaii boys were shocked! Our boys still don't like jackets (we've learned to deal with pants, and that took awhile), so we spent a lot of time inside doing crafts and activities.

Every year, Abram asks to do a gingerbread house and this year we finally did one! It was fun to watch all three boys add their touches. It was a good activity to save for after the Christmas busyness and when it was freezing outside. 

Also, during the Christmas break, Abram had art camp at a local church so while he was gone, the boys had art camp, too! They made snowmen and winter trees. They absolutely love to paint! I love to see their excitement and creativity. 

Because of the extremely cold weather we had, we took a trip to Blue Springs State Park to see the manatees. They don't like cold water, so in the winter they head to the warmer water in the springs. The day we went they counted almost 500! 

After the manatees, we took a trip to Orlando to the Crayola Experience. It was crazy busy, but the boys had a great time! They had crafts to make and a huge play place.  

Standing in front of the worlds biggest crayon!

A big thing that happened at Abram's school was that he was chosen as Kindergarten's  "Student of the Month" for January! We were super proud of him! We took him out to dinner to celebrate and of course he chose Chick Fil A!

Celebration dinner

At his school's bulletin board with his picture. 

Another first experience was taking all three boys to Disney World. When we went at Christmas we only took Abram, but once we figured it out, we felt good about taking everyone! It was such a fun, crazy, busy day! But it was wonderful to see all three of them experience it together!

On the tea cups ride! 

Sweet brothers!

I love this picture of all of us!
This winter Abram had his 100th day of school.  He was able to dress like a 100 year old man and he also had to bring a collection of one hundred things. I think he looked adorable and his gum ball machine turned out super cute! 

Our last event of the winter was taking Abram to see the Monster Trucks! What a crazy (and loud) event. Abram loved to watch the trucks spin and flip. He is already asking to go back! 

Of course he had to wear headphones because of the noise!

Abram's favorite truck was "Zombie." 


All the trucks lined up ready to go!

Flipping! Crazy!

Wer had a fun, eventful, busy winter but we are definitely ready for some warmer spring weather!