Friday, August 19, 2016

Our Summer with the Boys!

I could say we were so busy all summer long that I didn't possibly have time for blogging, hence the reason for my picture overload on one blog. But the truth is I completely forgot. :( So, here's what we've been busy doing from May- August.  Whoa, thats four months to catch up on. 

This summer was so drastically different from last summer. Last summer was a blur. The only way I remember it is through pictures. We were so busy moving, taking care of newborn twins and making sure Abram was okay. This summer was fun though! The twins are so active and almost walking. Abram is having fun with them and we are not unpacking boxes! 

May was busy finishing up the year. Abram completed his first year in Awana as a cubbie. I can't say enough about this wonderful program. He memorized a verse a week and still knows them. He has an amazing memory! Praise the Lord for a program that teaches the importance of hiding God's Word in our hearts. Abram also finished his first year in PreSchool at Kailua Baptist Preschool. Such an amazing, sweet school and it was perfect for Abram. He loved going every day!

The first picture is of course at Target. Abram has been waiting a whole year for a time that we don't have to take the stroller in and that all three boys can ride in the big cart. He loved it and took such sweet care of Jack and Luke. 

Our superhero taking care of his brothers at Target. :)

Awana graduation (Abe is in the front with his vest and yellow shirt)

Last day of preschool. Such a big boy!

Singing his sweet songs at graduation. Yes, I was teary eyed. 

Celebrating the first week of summer at the beach with mom!

We have amazing botanical gardens here. This one is closest to our house and on the weekends you can fish for free. You have to bring bread, they supply the bamboo pole. Sad to say we didn't catch anything, but the scenery was beautiful and we did have a fun time!

The side of the lake where you couldn't fish. Where all the smart fish hang out.

Such a sweet picture of Papa and son

A favorite part of our summer this year was watermelon! All three boys get giddy over it! Abram had fun teaching Luke and Jack how to eat it. Of course, most of is consumed outside because it is a mess! There are many more watermelon pictures to come... sorry, I said it was a hit!


Teaching his brothers how to hold it and eat.

Abe loves it when his brothers can do what he does!

I think Luke had 5-6 wedges. He kept asking for more!

Jack just wanted the rind. Silly boy!

We are in the process of selling the condo Chris and I lived in the first time we lived in Hawaii (five years ago without kids).  It is close to our church so on a few Sundays we would work in the condo and then take the boys swimming. It was so fun to be back at one of our first homes and this time with three boys!

Getting ready to take on the slide

Such a good day when I look out and see all of our towels hanging up to dry. :)

Another day we visited Foster Botanical Gardens. We had been seeing all week (on Facebook) that their Corpse Flower was about to bloom. This huge flower only blooms once every 3-4 years and when it does bloom it lasts 24-48 hours. The craziest part is that it smells like dead fish when it does bloom. Yuck! But we had to see it!

One day this summer, Sea Life park had military appreciation day and the park entrance was free. So we all loaded up, endured the traffic and crowds and spent the evening enjoying all the animals. It was fun because this was the first time Jack and Luke were looking at and enjoying what was in front of them (fish, turtles, etc.) It was fun to see their expressions. 

Watching the fish and sea turtles

Our fun family picture from Sea Life Park. I love that all three boys are looking! 
On Sundays we try to have our "adventures." Church is over at ten and our church is on the other side of the island, so while we are over there and have the whole day we try to do something fun. On this day, we headed to a great beach called "Magic Island." It's protected from waves and has tons of soft sand to play in.  This beach trip was full of many firsts for the twins. It was their first time in the beach and also their first time in the sand. They weren't too fond of the beach, but LOVED the sand. Chris and I just enjoyed sitting there while our three boys played.

Abe has always loved the sand!

So sweet!

On the Fourth of July we had our neighbors and visiting friends over for a BBQ picnic and  then we headed to our beach.  Of course there was watermelon! Abe had a fun day. He went boogy boarding for the first time by himself. He was so proud and rode some pretty big waves!

Abram took swimming lessons this summer at the Kaneohe Yacht Club. It was perfect! Two weeks of lessons every morning, beautiful setting, kiddie pool for the twins, chatting with my mom friends and a snack bar (bonus). We loved packing up and going every morning! Jack and Luke loved to play in the pool and Abram learned so much!

Abe and his sweet friends before lessons start

 The highlight of every summer is celebrating Abe's Gotcha Day.  Can't believe this year we celebrated having Abe for three years!  Every year we decorate, give him a few presents, make cupcakes and let him choose a family activity. This year he chose kayaking! Of course it didn't involve the whole family, but every time he sees a kayak in the ocean, he asks to go. He had a super fun time kayaking in the bay with his papa!

Our yearly pictures... Each year he takes a picture with his referral picture and then he does his series picture from each Gotcha Day.  I love to see how much he has grown and of course his sweet smile!

Another highlight of our summer is heading out to the North Shore for the Haleiwa Arts Festival. Its our favorite! Amazing art and yummy food and we always love a reason to go out to the North Shore!

Another first happened at the end of the summer... Jack and Luke found our digging pit.  They love it and I love to see all three boys having such a fun time of exploring and getting dirty.  It's a chore to hose all three off after every visit to the dirt, but it is so worth it! 

Chris and Abram ended the summer with a trip to the Big Island.  It was on our bucket list to take Abe to the Big Island to see the volcano, but this wasn't a planned trip. For the first time in three years, the lava is flowing in the ocean. It is an incredible sight and we didn't want Abe to miss it.  They left on Saturday morning, toured the park on Saturday afternoon, stayed the night, went on the 4:30am boat tour to see the lava then flew home. They had an amazing time and I love their pictures!

Infront of the crater at the National Park

I love this picture of the both of them with the lava behind them!

I didn't want to leave out these fun pictures of just random things that happened this summer. Fun at home, trips to the zoo, and afternoon walks. We had a fun, busy, crazy summer and I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Jack stealing Luke's food from his bib

Brothers hiding!

Rainy day fun!


How Abram reads to the boys so they don't grab at the pages. They love it!

I love Luke's face after he did this to Jack!

He loves to build! Just like his dad and brother with Legos!

An afternoon walk and bike ride

Abe loved that he could take his picture with Diamond Head behind him.

And of course it isn't a summer without experimenting with sensory activities. This was freezing plastic animals in balloons. Abe loved figuring out how to get the animals out.

And of course mowing... 

Everyone is a helper!

I told you we loved our watermelon!

One of our many trips to the zoo!

Watching and smiling with the peacock!

Love this picture of Luke! He loves to take a bath with googles on. His laugh is so cute! One of my friends said he looks like a minion... I completely agree!