Friday, October 21, 2016

Abram's Fifth Birthday-- Pancakes and Pajamas

Ever since the twins had their first birthday party at our house in the spring, Abe has been looking forward to having his friends come over for his birthday. He only asked for three things: friends, balloons and a candle with a five on it. Sweet boy. I love that simple things make him so very happy. He kept changing his mind about the theme of the party so after searching pinterest we decided on a "Pancakes and Pajamas" party. Abe loved the idea of wearing his pajamas and breakfast is his absolute favorite meal of the day. :)

Here's a few pictures from our morning...

Abe was so excited to have all his friends over at the same time. 

I love Luke and Jack in the background. :) They had fun at the party, too!

Our menu included all of Abe's favorite breakfast foods: pancakes, hard boiled eggs, bacon, fruit skewers, yogurt and pigs in a blanket. And a few fun things, too, like bacon and eggs chocolates and Trix marshmallows treats.

Of course our morning had to have an agenda. The kids would play in the yard or do crafts for about 15 minutes, then we would stop, gather together, and play a game. It was so fun having Abe's friends all in the yard playing and laughing and having a good time. 

Enjoying the Jumparoo!

Sand box... a messy hit!

Cute Jack in his pajamas enjoying the party. :)

So much fun!

Our Craft Table (decorating door hangers and making fruit loop neckaces)

We had three games planned. We played pin the butter on the pancakes (using yellow sticky notes), pancake relay and pillow case races.  I thought the kids would think the games were boring, but to my surprise they really enjoyed them. 

Abe sticking the butter on the pancakes. 

Waiting for their turn

Being silly!!

I think this game was their favorite. They just kept giggling. 

Finally, it was time for cake! I decided to make a donut cake. The week before his party, Abe was super worried about his cake. He kept asking me if I knew how to make donuts and if they would taste good. After tasting a donut from the first batch, he was thrilled! He said, "these are great, mama!"

Happy Fifth Birthday, Abram! You are growing up so fast. Your papa and I are so very blessed that we get to celebrate you! You are such an amazing little boy and we know God has great plans for you. We love you so very much, sweet boy!