Thursday, January 14, 2016

Happy Fall Y'all!

It is hard to believe that last fall we found out we were pregnant- with twins, and this fall we are picking out Halloween costumes for three adorable little boys! 

I am loving making these seasonal checklist. To my surprise, the whole family gets into it and likes to check things off our list. It's fun to look back at what we've done. We are even okay with not checking off some items because we see what we have done. Here's the one we made this fall...

On our side of the island is a great farm.  They do pumpkin patches in the fall and nativity plays in the winter. They go all out... yummy food, hayrides, fun photo opps and sunflower field.  It has become one of our favorite seasonal places to go. (If only they did strawberries in the spring!) Abram loved walking around picking out his favorite pumpkins and he felt so big getting Jack and Luke's for them. He kept telling them, "Next year, babies, you can get your own pumpkin." 

I thought this sign was perfect for me... a little bit of Southern and a little bit of Hawaiian. :)
I know I probably won't be able to get away with matching costumes for too much longer, so I had fun while I could. It's a good thing Abe is a huge Cat in the Hat fan! I thought the boys looked adorable! Maybe next year I'll let Abe pick out his own costume, but still match the twins. ;)

Cat in the Hat with his Thing One and Thing Two

Another fun thing on our list was "Halloween Cookies." These cookies were perfect for Abe to make, and I loved the bright colors. He kept laughing while he was putting the googly eyes in place.

This was one of our most challenging items to check off... the pumpkin hand prints. It is near impossible to put paint on and make a good hand print of a six month old.  Seriously, I have put all hand print activities on hold for awhile. I thought this turned out pretty cute, though! Clean up was a good time! 

And of course it's not Halloween without pumpkin carving. However, for the third year in a row Abram has let us know this is not his favorite. He can't stand the stringy seeds and the smell. He is a trooper and posses for all the pictures and he does love to sit and watch his Papa dig out the seeds and carve a cool design. This year we went for the upside down bat and superman logo. Good job, honey!

Our Thanksgiving was low key this year and the five of us just spent the day together. But, we did manage to get our all time favorite pictures of the boys just hanging out on the couch being brothers. So sweet! 

We have so much to be thankful for. We are constantly amazed how much God has done for us, taken care of us and provided way more than we could ever ask for.  These boys are the highlight of our lives and we love them to pieces.  

Maybe I won't be so late with posting our winter checklist and activities... I'll shoot for June! ;)