Sunday, April 23, 2017

Jack and Luke's Second Birthday

Chris and I decided several years ago (before we had kids) that we would have a year of birthday parties and then take a year off. This is our off year. We of course still celebrate birthdays, but it is on a much smaller scale and we focus on spending time as a family.  

April 7 was Jack and Luke's second birthday. I know, we can't believe it either! Its crazy to know that we moved here when they were 3 weeks old and now they are two and we are getting ready to move again. Our little Hawaii babies! 

Of course no celebration is complete without decorations. Abram was so excited for the boys to go to bed on Thursday night so we could set out the decorations and presents.  So sweet! And of course, we must use our celebration plates all day long!

The boys enjoying their gifts. My mom gave them the bee wheely bug for Christmas and now we have the matching ladybug so everyone can ride! So fun to watch them scoot around and laugh together. We got them a waterfall wall, but all they wanted to do was sit in the water buckets. Oh well! 

That night we had their cake after dinner. Luke was not a fan of the birthday hat (we quickly took it off after this picture) but they sure loved their cake! Abram knows they like the show "Splash and Bubbles" (about fish) so he decorated their cake with ocean animals. I love that he was so involved with their birthday plans. He has such a big heart!

We had planned on spending Saturday at the zoo since the boys love animals right now, but instead we all had the stomach flu. :(  So, instead when we were all feeling better on Sunday evening we toured the fire station. All three boys loved it just as much! 

Happy, Happy Birthday to our sweet boys! You add so much fun and excitement to our family. We love you both!!

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